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We know that one of the bottlenecks in cybersecurity is the people involved, so we work hard to prepare all our customers to do as much of their business as possible safely, without us. Education is in the DNA of the company, having grown from a university workshop. We apply the same open transfer of information and academic rigour to our clients: we do our job well when, over time, they can do more and more things themselves.

What are you looking for?


Intro course

Many government and business actors have realized that their cybersecurity posture should be strengthened, but sometimes they need a few introductory courses before getting into the juicier topics. We have a well-tested training agenda for all kinds of basic computer security, network security and applied cryptography topics for this purpose. These programs provide a sufficient foundation for advanced cybersecurity trainings like in-depth malware analysis, incident response, automotive security or software security (embedded software sec). Each course comes with an integrated simulation exercise, so the participants will leave with hands-on experience.

Incident response training

The course will help the participants to detect and characterize various attack types, develop a strategy for analyzing and responding to complex or major events and incidents within the organization, comprehend various methods for analyzing artefacts left on a compromised system and issues involved with such analysis. We help participants to learn how to develop and execute cyber threat hunting goals, obtain practical experience in the coordination of vulnerability handling tasks, also to formulate and deliver effective publications and communications such as advisories, alerts, after-action reports and management briefings.

Network security

This is an advanced course, covering the security measures for a networked system of machines: intrusion detection, firewalls, network perimeter protection, SIEM, honey pots, ethical hacking methodology itself (this includes the internet), distributed denial of service, DNS security. We always talk about how these technologies work, how to configure them, what are their vulnerabilities, we talk about major attacks.

Applied cryptography

This program focuses specifically on communication security. We cover topics like the correct use of cryptography and different cryptographic methods: TLS protocol, IPsec protocol, wifi protocols, etc.



Our methods and work standards

Why choose us

We provide personalised training

If necessary, we can set up an IT infrastructure (sandbox) behind the training

We try to give as much practical knowledge hands-on experience as possible

What you get

Educational, transparent and detailed report to upgrade your security posture

Professional excellence, customer oriented attitude

Follow-up, additional training and consulting sessions as requested

Excellent teachers who are passionate about their fields

All our services are delivered with business usability in mind