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Providing intelligent solutions to complex IT and OT cybersecurity problems

All layers of security


Contact us for both office and industrial scale system security posture upgrades. We have experience in security design review, analysis of existing systems, vulnerability detection and even incident management.

Penetration testing

How trustworthy and effective are your security measures? How well do you know your own systems? Would you bet on it with your company's revenue and reputation?

Malware investigations

While the market of cybercrime explodes, you can count on our 10+ years experience in malware analysis.

Cyber-Physical system security

There are still few experts with experience in protecting hybrid systems, while the threat is growing.

Security design review

It is worth involving cybersecurity experts at the design stage, especially when dealing with large, complex or critical systems. We provide thorough reviews at this stage for existing security designs.

Training & consulting

We provide both introductory courses and special programs in cybersecurity to our clients, so they can participate to a more secure operation.

Incident response & digital forensics

There are no perfect systems, so if something does go wrong, you need a prepared team to deal with it.


The number of attacks carried out in cyber-physical environments is on the rise and they can have devastating impact. With Otaku you can learn how an attacker thinks - while it's still a game!

Red teaming

Thanks to DORA and other EU regulations, more and more cybersecurity testing will become mandatory for all actors in critical value chains. Leave the technical tasks to us.

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