Companies in this industry provide a wide range of services, from broadcasting to the provision of communication channels, to individuals and companies alike. Often serving other sectors (they are also known as critical information infrastructure), they carry and store huge amounts of data. This market is highly competitive, therefore telecommunication companies always have to try new technologies which increases their security exposure.

Difficulties raised by digitalisation


Higher exposure to threats

Telecom companies are an excellent target in their own right, but also as basic infrastructures for other sectors. They often come under attack because hackers are trying to access someone else through them, that can undermine their very basic model of operation (trust model). These companies are one of the most valuable targets today, thanks to said interdependence.

Heterogeneous infrastructure

Heterogeneity regarding the type and quantity of tools they use, the services they offer, their users, the identity and objectives of their attackers. They have to keep their devices secure and up-to-date in the face of constantly evolving technology, often over a vast geographical area.

When being prepared is not enough

Like banks, these companies are at the forefront of IT-OT integration and security. But the sheer scale of technological development means that they are cannot be prepared for everything. Often, even such digitally advanced companies lack in-house expertise to protect their customers and themselves. Of course, these special skills can be brought in from outside.

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