Malware analytics training

Use case

Hands-on experience

Ukatemi Technologies


We helped build up the cyber defence of a country a few years ago by training their experts. In this country the subject is still new, they have only started to build up this area a few years ago, so the regulation on cyber defence is incomplete, there is less control and that is partly why it is easy to carry out attacks in the country.

The primary objective was to have a malware analysis lab and analysis centre, we trained the malware analysts of the future in our two-week programme. The group of participants was heterogeneous in terms of backgrounds: some came from the management side and others had more advanced technological training. However, they have not had any serious success in malware analysis.

The training covered the most deadly malware attacks in history, nationwide malware exposure, android malware analysis, digital forensics, how and what technologies can be used to find malware (in memory, registry, etc.), classic reverse engineering tools and methodologies. At the end of the training we got maximum marks in the satisfaction feedback survey.